Knife Rabbit Custom (hidden)

Knife Rabbit Custom (hidden)

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Details to aim for.

-108mm long scales

-3mm thick, contoured down a lot
-18.5mm at the most narrow and is never more broad than 22.5mm

-full titanium, sandblasted
-titanium hardware polished and anodized to 11 volts
-textured inlay pattern in diamonds, probably outlined, anodized to 11 volts if possible

-3mm blade stock
-87mm long
-swedge on the spine thins out to 2mm at the most, beginning at the fuller
-fuller is 5mm wide
-blade hole is 30mm long, the bottom aligns with the top of the scales

-clip attaches to the most bottom point via a screw on the inside of the lock side
-large standoff connects the bottom of the knife